Day 6 // Vancouvervania Gallery Gatch

Day 6 Vancoovervania Gallery Gatch

Place the picture explainign how i got Plett out of the inside of a wolf
and how we escaped the woods mountain here

I can say it again cuz I said it to their face once and they wernt to mad. Our vancouver hosts are total hippy witches with kitchen full of herbs and roots and braggs in strange bottles except its really clean except for the odd rotting potato ignored in one of the piles of Video Projectors and bicycles in this place. Ladies hang out in the kitchen in bikinis and fleece yoga pants eating yogurt and itching their dreads and then they go upstairs and reappear 40 minnits later in tiny summer dresses and run amok. No seriously, Day6 morning Plett snuck off to the country side to go visit her grandma. Plett was also trapped inside the stomach of a wolf last night, aaaaaaaand there is like half a dozen cookies left in the pouch behind my navigator seat. Pletts new nickname is LITTLE ORANGE POLKADOT RIDING HOOD.

Upstairs While i inventory my luggage counting how many things I’ve miss Placed so far i hear the Girls of PENDAR HOUSE stomping around and giggling and then, “you doin sundress? I’m doing Sundress. LEts do Sundresses ! ITs sundress day; OH we a so Doing this !!” After they scoot out in to the sunshine and vancoovervanian parks full of young happy families smoking pot in the park with their kids ntheir dog TEGA climbs on the roof and howls and howls until at least 3 passers by are filming the howling 60 lb puppy with their phones. There is also a guy we never meet in the basement build a movie set we never get a good look at or fully exactluy understand why there is a movie set in the basement.

SUPER EXCITED TO PLAY GALLERY GATCH !  Gatch is a gallery with a mental health advocacy and resource mission encompassing everything from MAD PRIDE to the Schitzophrenia art show to giving nut jobs jobs in gallery admin.
Speaking of nut jobs I got to read with RAVEN CHARLIEZ a long time facebook friend and tho this was the first night we hugged her skull shirt went well with my angel of death shirt and i kept petting her red mohawk and tufffts! thanks to her stories of escaping the west coast junk scene while  still living in the middle of it i wasnt the only reader making snarky injection drug jokes ♥ at the end of the night we tried to squat an art installation but eventually had to ceed our claim in favor of going out for snacks. Me and Plett took over the Gatch reading well over 20 minutes each, reading parts we read excerpts from often but tonight in full. after the reading we’ve sold an entire box of books so we’ll leave canadia with just our own personal copies and nuthing else but a clutch of treasure maps. stealing a moment by the merch table amidst 130 people loving us and stuffing twnty dollar bills in our pet sperm bank, we confess that we’re both shocked by how amazing we where. “I’ve always loved when you read that part but tonight it was different and there where parts of that story i never heard before and oh my gawd your delivery grabbed everyone and took them on such and emotional and mental ride!” we squeek at eachother in perfect unison in shocked amazement. and then suddenly a bunch of girls in cat eye glasses wisked us off to the Vancoovervania Furniture warehouse. “This place is kinda shity dive with too many dude bros” one of the many queery punk girls in the crew bashfully confess to us. However by ontario/winnipeg standards  we found ourselves in a dark crowded high ceiling brick beer hall full of tattoo shop looking people eating ginormous 4.95$ big fat cheeseburgers. I had a fishstick the size of a brick and Plett ate a basket of Zuchini thingies; $9.90, {plus drinks; 69$}

For the after party I call up the perfect collaborator, Miss Eris, project manager genius behind BLA CK LAB ZINE DISTRO. Miss E confesses that a while ago she presented HOW TO KILL QUEER SCUM in a school writing project and reading it ripped the class in half with fear and outrage and “IS-THIS-OK?” anxiety. She Laffed that her reading of TsPx008  made ciss dudes cry. She also has WELCOME TO HELL tattooed above her navel. Eris gives me the most powerful send off from canadia throwing a debaucherous punk house party in out honor where me and plett had to work really hard to make sure the worst we do is drink too much before the border.

Oh my sweet living satan on earth, i was so in my power tonight, we are so vanguard we delight in watching hundreds of people reel in our wake. I gave it to Vancoovervania so good and long and hard that she coooed like a kitten pigeon !

Event organised Amber Dawn made us both magic protective potion amulets; little jars of amber oil, somthing i think is quartz, and Pletts has 2 little long thin green leafs, mine 1. i lose the cork to mine cuz i wanted to play with it before the reading. fortunately even after such a wild long wandering night i remember to swing by the gallery before we leave the country and we cross the border with a my magic crystal potion juice hiding in an esspresso cup in the navigator side cup holder.

Place picture of Me and Plett having to drive 900 miles in to montanta and back becuz of toms maple syrop habit here