Day5 // Vampire Book Tour//

Day 5 // The Mountain 13 mountains south of the Mountain  on the Red Bull Can


12 hours in a car 12 hours in a car 12 hours in a car.

we are soooo up in the mountains that we keep driving in to clouds. there are clouds stuck to the trees. I really like all the anti rock slide fences. 50 foot high un moored sheets of chain link dangling off cantilevers with plastic bags stuck to them. this is actually the second time we ran out of gas, but the first we were able to coast down hill for nearly 2 miles before stopping right in front of the pumps of the yoho brothers filling station in a town called Feild, situated in a crevice between 3 mountains along a river with a 2 mile long train siding bisecting it and making the residential and commercial sectors of field inaccessible to each other for 2 to 8 hours a day. there are no fields any where near this place.

here is the list of what ive eaten in the past 48 hours before i became trapped in a dead car with a very persistent wolf smeering my windshield with dog drool.

all the cheese we looted from the Vagoona University show
a single whole weat tortilla wrap.
microwave hawain pizza slice
vomit {~reset count~}
8oz Starfucks blueberry coffee
2 espresso
yoho brothers bacon double cheeseburger
all the penuts that Tish dumped all over the dashboard
a chicken finger in a hot dog bun slathered in 7/11 chilli
2 flax cookies

if i live then  TOMMY WRITERKILLER  LEGER had better pay for all that.

OH DEAR GOD PLETT WAS trying to wack the beast on the snout with the automotive snow brush and it took her !!! Im watching plett be eaten by a wolf right now. we drained the battery honking at it hours ago. blood gore and viscera everywhere, she is still wacking it on the snout with the snow brush. ITS TOMMY TOPSIDE’s FAULT WE’RE DEAD.


did you just got a Time Bomb and and had a blast ?!

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