Day4 // Vampire Book Tour 2014 //

Day 4 // Callgary

Loft 112 is a super amazing space, creative writing advocacy group, resource center for writers and self publishers, and the home to a dozen writers projects residencies and they  are working to launch a paper magazine. And they love illustrators and visual artists. and they gave us soooo many drink tickets ♥

We played to the large neat fancy steel concrete wood and glass room with 80 year old typewriters and books stacked everywhere and almost 90 people. Hordes  of smiling queeros  left with all the books we brought in except for 1 copy of time bomb that a gal was asking me for but i was really wined up and i was doing that thing where i draw on peoples books for like 10 minnits.

Calgary has so many whip smart clever organised hot peeps. something is telling tho in that topside press doing a reading for 90 people and there was one trans girl. and maybe one other one but she left before i read so she’s an autogynophile. Actually I think she was ciss, but sorta post goth and still wearing that much makeup.

After the reading we drove 100 km out in to the mountains to the secret PLETT RANCH. Casey’s globetrotting connoisseur raconteur  Dad, stepmom who made us flaxseed nrg cookies cookies, and really hot and buff stepbrother who hangs out in the garage all day making modern post rustic cabinetry, all live in a crazy replica of the weird german cottage modernism of that architect in the 50s who was discovered to really be the very nazi who chased the von trap family out of their home.  tucked in the pines at the very foot of the  its all crazy pine beams and logs in cement and all the joinery is cut in jigsaw puzzle shape and hundreds of paintings. It was Mister plett who got us all destroyed on absinth but i wrote the Pletts a nice apology note for all the throwing up i did in that miniature log cabin out back me n CP slept in. Plett is is so laisse a fair of me vomiting ceaselessly for 3 hours; she is just lounging on a log doing all the book counting i was s’posed to do listening to me barf and smirking. Best living-in-a-car-roomate sittuation ive gotten myself in to thus far !