Day3 // Vampire Book Tour 2014 //

Day 3 // Demonton and the Mall of Canadia

Ackmoyinsk Ukrain


A big part of why i have a book and get to go on free vacation around the entire continent is cuz I have Traumatic brain Injury. Im missing a chunk of skull 8 inches long and 1 inch with from getting an iron pipe smung down  on top my head. I had to relearn how to talk starting in early may 2008. Expressive Aphasia is the name of the condition of being unable to string coherent sentences together.  when im not reading or singing I talk all scrammbled eggy. Its part of the reason I write in long conveluted paragraphs of almost but not non sequiters.

Tonight we stayed with a bunch of sexy nerd geek girls with 2 kids and lego and pepsi cans everywhere. one of our hostesses came up to me at the reading and asked for a book talking to me by typing on her phone, sometimes transposing her words in uncommon ways like I do, never speaking.. Later on back st her place lounging smoking around the bbq in a spitty ignorable rain she spoke. it was as iff her 8track had been half pulled out and just now was kicked back in. She told me she had Traumatic Brain Injury from getting her skull crushed. Shed had to have her right eye socket rebuilt, me my left.  She was so delighted about me and IGTB, She gave me my best compliment of the tour, That I make braindamge funny and fun and pull it off real great. we sat around drawing skulls and hairclips all day. Love you Miss G ♥

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