Day 2 Peg to Vagoona


My name is Sybil Lamb, I am a 30 sumthing ish artist and designer who is on a 37 city book tour from toronto to vancouver to LA to New Orleans to Vermont and 33 other cities.

The book Im touring is called IVE GOT A TIME BOMB. Its a crazy dense 350 page tome that is half made from my trans queer punk rock zines from 2005-2009 and 140000 extra words from last winter when i sent my years old manuscript to topside press and they not only accepted it (on the condition of 2 months of editing and rewrites) but printed hundreds of copies and sent me out on their 2014 transexual  writers book tour.

Partial list of things i should prolly  talk about later:
–topside, tom, cat, the trans lit vanguard.
— june tour
–My book, travel, exes .



leaving town
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Day 1

The Fit,

Janko Action House
trish sala
Precious the cat

surprising ly non nasty 2liter winipeg beer
Nitroburning Librarian

Day 2

at 5:45 I awoke to Plett saying something about  me supposed to be  in the car but also with all my stuff and maybe clothes. Librarian was grogglily kicking her laundry and electronic music gear around her room trying tofind my clothes as thus so far just my socks and panties and white jean jacket had turned up.
Drove 9 hours 730 km in the fit. I was delighted to discover middle saskatoon’s little Ukrain with lots of bars that are closed at 9am and little wooden country churches with copper cuppolas and complex Othodox crosses. Our gas station snack runs increased in regularity until we where spending half anhour sitting on old tractor tires eating beef jerkey and coke zero  half an hour for every hour driving.

on Social Media and the topsite website This Tour is Titled “Where we are going We don’t Need Roads”.

“Do we need roads or what?” Tish said to Plett at least 3 times as we kept bungling in to side roads off the trans canada yellow face line  that went no where near where google said the did. roads that changed from asphalt to dirt without notice and just ended for no reason. the pavement fading away as 2 miles of remote paved roads turned in to a dirt road that went 1000 more feet and ended at a pile of farm trash next to some really short trees. trains are rustier in the prairies but the 50th paralell aint that cold.

The university put us up in a gorgeous 2 bdrm suite in the fancy hotel sector over looking the river. Tish marveled briefly, that in her experience as a PHD working in accedamia, so often there is no funding for books or equip or course anything, and then n every so often a seemingly obscure special interest thing like touring transexual writers gets deamed by 2 or 3 levels of provincial university Administrators and we get a hotel with an ice machine and a cappucino machine and 25 square foot shower. In fact I think Sask U Library brought us in on a tiny fraction of their new special collections budget alloted to specifically bolster their TBLG books collection.  The collection includes an considerable volume of GAY AND LESBIAN 20th century pulp novels and this gaylez pulp collection can be searched online on the library website.

Me Plett and Tish Read and chit chat about the 2014 trasn lit landscape in front of a diverse group of about 35 students and teachez Presented by the Libraries Special collections 2014 TBLG project and Miss Mary Love.  After Miss MAry took us to FATTENING RESTAURANT  ~CALORIES~.  She left Tish to devour a steak, Plett  to much a lentil burger, and me to gulp a decadentyly rare cheeseburger while she ran back to the university to teach a class in “POST VIRGINITY THEORY” . when she returned the 4 of us took in at least 5800 calories of fancy pretty neatly iced cake.

Tish was fixated on partying at DIVAS cuz she had some girl to show up over there but when we heard  DIVAS was closed on tuesday so  us Girlz and MARY LOVE hung out on the piano that is sitting on the sidewalk in front of CALORIES where I played nonscence songs sloppily and my associates plotted writing workshops and teach ing gigs and gossiped about the personal lives of contemporary authors. (ill tell you later ;). We gave up at midnight  and the 3 of us ran back to fancy hotel and i started this blog while Plett and Tish trash talked  all the bitches on the Giller prize nominee list.