Dahllaz // Cheyenne’s Roadhouse


The morning after dallas  Miss Cheyenne escorted us to her fave long modern cozy fancy tacos and coffee and wifi road houses. I think it was called TACO2GO and was staffed by boys with beards and tattooed fore arms.  While Plettski opened email her secret writers retreat underground contacts and I marvelled at how facebook glitches when I have over 99 notifications because I’ve been on a diet of 15Mgb per day of car internet, miss Cheyenne apologized  that her intended dozen goth punk kitten girls crazy kitten sex party she usually throws after her DIRTY PANTIES USA variety show hadn’t gone down quite as she intended.

OMIGAWDEZZ we ate sooooo many HotDogs !! When we walked in the Door Ashley and Johnny awled out “Hay, New Yark, We gonna show y’all how Texxiz Queen duz it up” and there was 3 tables of chopped up giant hot dogs soaking in hot dog gravy and a trough of pulled pork and peach ice cream started getting scooped out 10 minutes after the meat was set down. Also the entire time we mingled and ate pork garnished dogs there w as a legititmately intersexed lil white fluffy dog they’d adopted off the street.  Before we even had a chance to swap crazy stories about all the times we adopted kook ball hermaphrodites off the street Johnny and Ashley Boucher got Their DRITY PANTIES on and  me and Plett found ourselves in a variety show in a lil south west dallas messiest hippy front yard in the neighbourhood nut house.

I know I forgot at least 2 acts because im typing this on a dying battery lap top in the car.
Miss Cheyenne story told her extended monolog show about being a call girl for the entire philosophy department of the university she teaches at (all resemblances to charectors litigating or dead is totes coincidental) Miss Thoel is one of those people

insert actual description of show here

As it was me and plett woke up at 11am in an enormous half dismantled princess trundle bed with chellos and guitars and ukeleilis and acordians absconding with our clothes and the not quite empty bottles of black beer and dark sweet red wine and black rum and a very empty bourbon piled on top of the cage of an enormous guinee pig jogging maniacly in her wheel. I clambed over plett as fast as I could and didn’t throw up on her at all as held it down until I made it to the sink and melted like 3 peoples toothbrushes in to slime and stripped the porcelain off the sink.  Finally miss Cheyenne showed up and the 3 of us lounged in the mystreriously busted in half princess bed eating hot dogs and cleaning up all the bottles until just before Ashley and johnny came home and then we split for Taco2go.

that was the 2nd time on this trip I have damaged a the finish on something with the might of my brundleLamb Vomit.