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Curriculum Vitae

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Sybil E. Lamb (b. 19XX Canadia)
{aka~ Lillian Butter, Emily Whist, Emily Wretch}
HOUSE of LAMB ~ ButterLand Art Studio
Sandwich Towne ~ South Detroit  ~ Ontario N9CXXX


2012-2016 Multiple Shows, Christian Aldo,
SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
2014-2017 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Schomburg
2014-2017 Elephant shoe Gifts, Cheryl Lemon Lime, Toronto

EXHIBITION History ——————————-

  • 2015 Multiple Shows, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
  • 2015 Arturo Vega Tribute Show, Moffat and Bain, Videofag
  • 2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Expo, Toronto
  • 2015 Super Naughty 3, Christian Aldo,SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
  • 2015 Multiple Shows, Heather Bain, Ryerson University, Toronto
  • 2015 Hamilton Pride, Poe Libertad,Home Ground, Hamilton
  • 2014 Multiple Shows, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
  • 2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Expo, Toronto
  • 2014 Gallery 1313, Latino Canadian Cultural Association, Toronto
  • 2014 Riverdale Art Walk, Artist Network, Toronto
  • 2014 Queen West Art Crawl
  • 2014 Multiple Shows, Heather Bain, Ryerson University, Toronto
  • 2013 Riverdale Art NORTH, Artist Network, Toronto
  • 2013 multiple Shows, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
  • 2013 Say It to my Face, Elisha Lim, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
  • 2013 Riverdale Art Walk, River Dale Arts Guild, Toronto
  • 2013 Where’s the Love AIDS Foundation Fundraiser, Club120,Toronto
  • 2013 Gawd Mess Amerika, w. Saurin Galloway, Videofag,Toronto
  • 2013 Femmeldehyde3, Artscape Triangle Gallery, Toronto
  • 2012 Sci-Fi Show, Christian Aldo’s SuperWonderGallery, Toronto
  • 2012 PaperGirl @ NuitBlanc, Toronto School of Art, Toronto
  • 2012 Michael Mackid’s Pen!s Project, Buddies in Bad Times,Toronto (multiple shows)
  • 2012 Morgan Page’s T.W.A.T, Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto
  • 2011 Porn and Pickups, Come As You Are, Toronto
  • 2011 Caitlin Pascal’s Shanghai Summer Surprise, Shanghai Lounge,Ottawa
  • 2011 Full Ass Moon, Unit 2, Toronto
  • 2011 Riverdale Art Walk, River Dale Arts Guild, Toronto
  • 2011 Kensington Art Walk, Kensington Market, Toronto
  • 2011 Gender Odyssey, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield CT
  • 2011 Lost Little Girl Art Show, Barrister’s
  • Gallery, New Orleans LA
  • 2011 Slave To Art, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa
  • 2011 Porn is/is not Art, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa
  • 2011 Naked Naked Naked, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa
  • 2010 The Art of Giving, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa
  • 2010 I Killed the Group of Seven, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Ottawa
  • 2010 Like a Prayer, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans LA
  • 2010 I Wish I Was Dead, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans LA
  • XXX …
  • 1997 Emily Wretch, Mercury Lounge, Ottawa
  • 1996 Emily Wretch, Mercury Lounge, Ottawa
  • 1996 The Smut Show, Darcy and Katherine on Dalhousie, Ottawa
  • 1996 60 Minute Art Auction, Gallery 101, Ottawa
  • 1995 Little Art Fest, Gallery 101, Ottawa
  • 1994-1997 Shows at Numerous Cafes and Galleries around Ottawa


House of Lamb Studio 2016-2017 Purchased House and Outbuilding, Sandwich Towne Ontario
ButterLand Art Studio 2012-2016 Register Sole Proprietorship
Lamb Store 2014-2017 Selling Prints and Originals Worldwide
LAmb Press 2016-2017 Acquisition of Large format Printer
Termite&Vine  Studio Collective, 2005-2008, Founder and Facilitator,  New Orleans


2013 “Ultra Church/50 VIP Party People”, BMO Church st
Murals, World Pride, Church and Wellesley, Toronto
1992 “Skulls” Savannah Deville’s, Ottawa


Cybervania” Meanwhile Elsewhere, edited by Plett and Fitzpatrick, Topsidepress, 2017
Lost Teenage Girl Show” We’re Still Here, edited by Avery and Throton, Stacked Deck Press, 2017
Breaking Up (Proto-Cyborg Love Pentangle)” Mondo Bizaro, edited by MP Johnson, Strangehouse press 2016
I’ve Got a Time Bomb” 350page Paperback/ 16 illustrations, Topsidepress 2014

“Lily Butter Land Coffee Table Book”, [Hardcover], SelfPub, 2012
“Sex and Death Cult Club”, Zine, 2011
“Lost Little Girl Show/ Having Fun and Playing Games” Mini Comic, 2010
“Ive Got a Time B*mb 3” Novelette , 2010
“How To Kill Queer Scum”, TSPX008 trans punk Zine, Columbia University Library 2008, Zines L363t no.8

UNdocumented of Over one dozen small Run Zines and Mini Comicx 1998-2007


Performance Presentation——————————-

2015 “How to be a Professhonal of Arts”, Colectivio Toronto Diverse Artists, Hugo Ares
2014 “We Don’t Need Roads 2014”, Topside Book Tour, w. Casey Plett, 37 cities in 44 days.


Haley Markbreiter:”I’VE GOT A TIME BOMB” Full Stop (Book Blog), Jan 2017
Casey Stepaniuk: “Six Canadian Trans Women Writers You Should Know” Casey Canadian Lesbrarian(Blog), Jan 2017
Trish Salah: “Six Debut Novels By Trans Women” Velamag (eZine)
Erika Turner: “15 Books By Transgender Women You Need To Read Immediately” BuzzFeed Books (Blog), March 2015
Casey Plett: “No Heros” The Walrus, march 2015
Casey Stepaniuk: “Review of an Unreviewable book” Casey Canadian Lesbrarian(Blog), Feb2
Ryan Elliot: “I’ve Got a Time Bomb” Strange Horizons#26, January 2015
Katherine Cross,: “Know & Tell”, Bitch Magazine, November 2014
Ryan Hugh: “Trans Writer Sybil Lamb Wrote a Novel About Surviving a Hate
Crime″, VICE Magazine, June 2014
H Melt:“I’VE GOT A TIME BOMB’ BY SYBIL LAMB”Lambda Literary, September 3 2014
Balint, Erika: “Lily Butter, ScientArtist”, Femmeldehyde vol3,
January 2013, p20-25
Radish, Jack: “Twatfest-2012″,, September 2012
Mickens, Julie: True Real Actual Stories About Things that
Happened This One Time, Real Life Stories Anthology,
Wealth+Physical Stamina 2011
Moore, Nancy: Continuum Gender Identities, Ridgefield Guild of
Artists 2011, p15
Rodrigue, Reggie Michael: “The Lost Little Girl’s Art Show”, The
Visionary Post 2011
Bookhardt: “Bedsole at Bienvenu Butter at Barrister’s”, The
Gambit, April19 2011, p43
Binnie, Immogen: “The Lost Interview”, Aorta Magazine 2010



Antippas, Andrew: Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans LA
Pea, Caitlyn: Ottawa, ON
Beth X: Dublin IRE
Gwyn Cigfran: Marryland



Lambda Literary Award- Best Transgendered Fiction, semi finalist 2014



2009 Studio Residency, CellSpace Studio Collective, San Francisco
1992 Enriched Bread Artists, Ottawa


2012 Vanauli Center, Small Business
2009 Artistic Welding, Mig Welding
2007 Julian Stock, Parade Float Construction
2000 Concordia University, Drawing for Animation
1999 Concordia University, Painting/Drawing/Studio Practice,
1998 Concordia Education, Fundamentals of Graphic Design










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