Lamb at the Library

How to Kill Queer Scum
by Sybil Lamb

“Trannypunk” artist Sybil Lamb writes about nearly being killed in a trans/queer bashing and the following months of her life, as she struggles to regain her memory and ability to communicate. This dark, compellingly illustrated zine describes the hazards and hardships of trans identity, from verbal and physical assaults, messy relationships, and the physical hardship of sex reassignment surgery. Pulling no punches, this zine describes the mental illness and self-destructive behavior that Sybil sees as often accompanying trans identity, as she writes about being essentially homeless, broke, and unable to communicate with those around her. Sybil also writes about her queer family and collective house, and describes the intersection between punk and trans culture.

Call number: Zines L363t no. 8