[May. 29th, 2012|09:15 pm]
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The Burnett Is Mike; Hes pretty much your typical Greasy Low bagger Cocky Slacker claims he works construction but mostly he just hangs out. The Platinum Blonde is my Friend Cale; before he turned 25 two years he had a long history of being an androgenous art punk with a face full of piercings and no eyebrows. Today he’s matured in to an obviously soft tom boy brat with a snarky evil Geek streak.

In this Pic Mike and Cale have been on a tear together for about 48 hours and they are hot wiring a 57 camero at 9pm on a side street thats just barely out of the public eye. Mike noticed its been parked here for 3 days with the window rolled down just enuff for cale’s skinny arms to reach the handle.

They’ve been talking bullshit about how they could so easily take this thing out and joy ride cruise around, and Cale was bragging about how he can hotwire any car built before 1980 and Mike had got a hold of a few hundred DEXXODINE gell caps that they been breaking open and snorting since friday afternoon and they been up for 2 days and by now this seems like the most obvious and inevitable plan. Its sunday evening and they’ve partied for two days both at mikes house and hopping bars and fucking in parks and on roofs and they’re burt out and totes broke and they just need one really good Hijinx to make the 2 day long party officially climax before they crash. 

They dont wanna crash till the sun comes up on them a third time. They’re serial gobbling Dexxies and emptying pack of cigarettes number 7 and Cale is so bleary he’s doing a sloppy job of rewiring the car with the sun going down and Neither of them had the attention span to take any kind of break from sex and drugs tho they’ve both been done far past excess since yesterday. 

In the next 10 hours after this picture they got the camera running, imediately smashed in to the car parked in front of them cuz Cale Forgot to disengage the steering wheel lock pin, and then they drove arround the mostly desserted neighbourhood of closed fruit stores and butcheries fucking for a few hours untill they got paranoid and took the camero down to the docks and warehouse and did donuts with BJs untill 2:30am. then they put the seats back and just did pills and listened to the car radio and fucked sloppy and fake slept for an hour and a half until the battery wore out from the radio and they parted ways at 9am to go to their respective hide outs to spend monday failing to sleep while coming down and getting their heads right.back together.

Mike and Cale hooked up for Dirty crazy Party and play a bunch more times that summer. No idea whos car they messed up. They never saw the Camero again.

Whats Important to note from this adventure is the delicate balance of Risk and Harm Reduction. Mike and Cale make a great team cuz they both know that If you love risk play and extreme behaviour then by devoting just a little extra effort to responsibility and Harm Reduction You can get away with the craziest shit and stay on track and not wreck yourself.

Like if your going to stay awake 3 days on speed and steal a car for wreckless sex while driving you can do a few small things like wear condoms over your dick you aint had tested in over a year. And at least half-wear your seatbelt while your doing jittery blow jobs at 60mph. Also, they both stopped for a large fancy coffee and a danish after not eating anything for 48.

Its not going to make your quest for abandon risk and hell fire with the burden of remembering to stay hydrated and eat some vitamins every few days. 

Reckless Abandon can be a fantastic path of destruction you leave in your wake as you run your body in to the ground. But if that’s what your in to it only takes a small amount of forethought to make sure you can get away with it agani and again and again forever.