ULTRA CHURCH // 50 VIP Party People 1948 ~ 2014

    UltraChurch is the title of Butter Land Studio’s 91 foot long mural created for the Church and Wellesley GayLesbian Village of Toronto. Butter Land is one of the 13 Artist Studios Contracted with the Church Village Business Assoc to doll up church street in preparation for World Pride 2014. ULTRA CHURCH GALLERIES <coming soon> Ultra Church Details 333 hours Painting the wall Original Sketchbook Queens of Toronto 1948-2014 ULTRA CHURCH MURAL BLOG FOLLOW The BUTTER Land Art Studio FEED X   ~ ~ ~  ~   ~  X The Mural […]

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Welcome to Lily Butter Land We are under Construction Click here for The Main Gallery Lots more content to come soon !! In the Meantime I Invite you to Look around at The Raw Contents here Now In this current version of the site you will find plenty of information about Lily Butter’s Fine art Career including Art show Listings, Artist Statements and Bios, Show Reviews, Studio tours, and lots of Sample Galleries. Click here for The Main Gallery Over 99 images! Everything from Mini Comic Book to […]


  Sybil E. Lamb Internet Certified Professional of Art     NEWS Stacked Deck Press Announces Open Submissions for ‘We’re Still Here’ Anthology of Trans … ComicsAlliance The project already has several cartoonists on board, including Christianne Benedict, creator of The Exile of Natalie Rios; Sybil Lamb, creator of Lost … BLOGS Trans Writer Sybil Lamb Wrote a Novel About Surviving a Hate Crime Vice Trans writer Sybil Lamb was living in post-Katrina New Orleans when two men beat her with an iron pipe, taking a chunk out of […]