Butter Land Working Artists Mural Team ————————————- Team for UltraChurch Painted Sug-Nov 2013 Lillian Butter ~ Lead Artist, Designer, Researcher, Raconter, project facilitator, some heavy lifting and cement work Miss Michael Fancy Thibert ~ Co Portraitist and Make up artist and actress from the Film OUTRAGEOUS! Orlee Andromeda ~ Backgrounds, Ultra Assistinion Vladamir V ~ Executive Assistant Intern Julie Adhd ~ Black Stuff Heather Mustache ~ Expertise


Ultra Church depicts a Busy Animated Nightclub Crammed to the Ceiling with 50 VIP party people Djs Promoters, Club Owners, Performance Artists, Gogo Dancers, and about 30 queens. PLACE WALK THROUGH HERE———-link List of the 50————————link


SPRING 2011 // The Visionary Post   – Lillian Butter  http://thevisionarypost.tumblr.com <DEADLINK 2013> Self Absorption causes Side Eyes !!! Lillian Butter “Fetishized Face Surgery” mixed media on paper 11” x 17” in the exhibition “Lost Little Girl’s Art Show: Work by Lillian Butter”, Barrister’s Gallery, New OrleansButter documents the private lives of New Orleans gutterpunks and squatters in her mixed media drawings and paintings.  At once filled with sordid realities and psychedelic reverie, Butter’s work captures the essence of her subjects’ lives on the street and in their temporary shelters. The poignancy […]


This Page is Under Construction 013.01.05 Butter In Print Mass produced copies of Butter Art !!! Feast yer Eyes NOLA underground Comix Magazine June 2011epic large scale drawing of ceramic tile smashing B*mb shelter !!! in NOLA’s best new underground comix tabloid.    http://feastcomic.com/ Comix jam from dozens  of way outsider artsies.Edited by Ceaser Medows (cartoonist for the NOLA Antigravity ) Lost Little Girl Show Story Book Limited pressing of 1000 Fall 2011 Details soon !!! (NO ORDERS YET!  the art for the book isnt finished but i am  taking investments in to […]


THIS IS THE LILY BUTTER LABORATORIUM DIRECTORY PRIME OPEN A SPACE TIME HOLE TONIGHT IN YOUR OWN KITCHEN GROUNDBREAKING  SCIENTARTISTICAL WORKS OF LILY BUTTER LaBORATORIUM pHOTO ScRAPBOOK WPLINK-INDEX             SHORTLINK INDEX EXAMINE THE MAIN Galleries MENU    XXX [singlepic id=24 w=600 h=600 float=center] [singlepic id=61 w=600 h=600 float=center] Since the early days of Sorcery and Alchemy There has been a core understanding hardwired in to the human brain that invention discovery design play and the triumph of the human will all facets of our power to know and manipulate […]