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I’ve got a Time bomb

Art of a Mad Bomber LILYBUTTERLAND.COM IVE GOT A TIME BOMB 3 short story zine 2009 http://lilybutterland.com/IGTB/IGTB3Px.pdf the Ballad of Miss Carriage (IGTB1) LILYBUTTERLAND.COM IveGotaTimeB_mb2 LILYBUTTERLAND.COM

SybilLamb_Exhibitions Catalog_2010-2017 170410-1:11

SybilLamb_Exhibitions Catalog_2010-2017 170410-1:11   2017, Elephant Shoe, Cherry Lemon Lime, Ransack the universe,Toronto {RECORDS MIA} https://t.co/RWeW6LL3R5   2017 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Shomburg ON [NEW HAND RETOUCHED PRINTS, Steer Cuts, Steer Cuts BLUE, AmsterdamWindow4, Edith MAssey Sedgwick, Between Parked Cars, Sideny In the Fire Exit, Tandem Friends, The Lake, Kitty Ashtray, Myki’s Treehouse,Grackle Biscotti }   ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….   2016 Super Duper, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto { Goddess of Lights, Devil in her Sack ]   2016 Super TRASH, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto { Fire Breathing Electric Cat ] […]


Day 21 //  3rd,5,13th Ward DAQUIRIES AND ACTING LIKE A YANKEE Y’AT // NOLA     Artist and writer Sybil Lamb returns to New Orleans POSTED BY JULES BENTLEY ON WED, OCT 8, 2014 AT 8:50 AM click to enlarge JULES BENTLEY Sybil Lamb and Casey Plett in front of Flora Gallery and Coffee Shop in the Marigny. Artist, writer, performer, outlaw, explorer, founder and mother to one of New Orleans’ longest-running squats, transgressor, martyr, survivor — Sybil Lamb defies categorization or easy description. Within a certain dirty […]

Dahllaz // Cheyenne’s Roadhouse

Dallas The morning after dallas  Miss Cheyenne escorted us to her fave long modern cozy fancy tacos and coffee and wifi road houses. I think it was called TACO2GO and was staffed by boys with beards and tattooed fore arms.  While Plettski opened email her secret writers retreat underground contacts and I marvelled at how facebook glitches when I have over 99 notifications because I’ve been on a diet of 15Mgb per day of car internet, miss Cheyenne apologized  that her intended dozen goth punk kitten girls crazy […]

Canadian AIDS Treatment Info Exchange 2015

CLICK HERE FOR SKETCHBOOK GALLERY http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE1_MINKblack_6000.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE1_Pompador_SEMIFINAL_6904x5008_0140421A.png http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE2_condomMARY2.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE2_condomMARY3.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE2_condomMARY_REMIX301.jpg MARY NOT FINISHED YETY ? —————————————————- http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE2_condomMARY_REMIX303.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE2_condomMARY_REMIX304.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE3_1.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE3_RapidPetting_Cream_4200x5723.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE3_RapidPetting_DESAT1_4200x5723.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE3_RapidPetting_ORIGINAL_4200xSIZE.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/ http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE3_RapidPetting_PENCIL2.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE3_RapidPetting_PENCIL.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE3_RapidPetting_Rich1_4200x5723.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/ http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE4_3wAYpULLoUT140904.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE4_3wAYpULLoUT_V1.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE6_ModerateRisk%20_semifinal.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE6_ModerateRisk_city_D1.jpg http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE6_ModerateRisk_Semifinal-DRAFT http://lilybutterland.com/ClientFiles/CATIE/CATIE6_ModerateRisk_Semifinal-DRAFT.jpg


Butter Land Working Artists Mural Team ————————————- Team for UltraChurch Painted Sug-Nov 2013 Lillian Butter ~ Lead Artist, Designer, Researcher, Raconter, project facilitator, some heavy lifting and cement work Miss Michael Fancy Thibert ~ Co Portraitist and Make up artist and actress from the Film OUTRAGEOUS! Orlee Andromeda ~ Backgrounds, Ultra Assistinion Vladamir V ~ Executive Assistant Intern Julie Adhd ~ Black Stuff Heather Mustache ~ Expertise