Church Street Murals Project

Church Street Murals Project Back Stage at UltraChurch Lily Butter Land My mural Proposal is to create a very busy ambitious busy and captivating portrait of over 5 dozen character likenesses of well known Church Street nightlife denizens of the Past 50 years. The people, culture and community I’m depicting are the Queens Queers Oddballs Club Kids and Party Monsters who have always been the Bell Weather Trend Setters and most colorful stand out creatures yet often the most maligned and misunderstood haunts of the fringes of the Village scene.The […]


I’m trying to find as many of my PICTURES WITH STORIES i can find. Myself and one my my favouritest Art Collector friends are putting out the Lily Butter Land Book. there will be only 2 copies this printing. future printings will probably happen about mid 2013 (and hopefully I can find someone to print distro this for me cuz otherwise she’ll be only available for $70 for a 100 page hard cover LBL book . I’m limited by some of my older scans of art that the […]

Woning Van Bloed ~ Het Meisje Achter Het Raam

  Woning Van Bloed ✖✖✖ Een Verloren Meisje Tegen De Meiden Achter het Raam House of Blood ~ A Lost Girl Versus the Girls Behind Windows In May 2012 I hooked up With a Guy named Matt. He was a well off jet setting Mobile Software designer. We got together at his hotel monday night and got high and drunk while I modeled lingerie for him and we took turns who was on top. We partied until we passed out exhausted just before sun rise. I was burnt […]

TrOn2018 // What is a Transexual ?

Transexuals; What are they? Kind of like cats but higher maintenance. They occur randomly in all corners of society, especial canadian south ontario society, which is like 40% of canada, mostly living on the great lakes next to buffalo. 40% of canada is 2 or 3 hours from buffalo. Isnt it mind blowing crazy the thought of How there are so many Transexuals Suddenly? People want to be respectful but you cant not have questions about having your genitals chopped up and sewn back together how do they […]