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I’m trying to find as many of my PICTURES WITH STORIES i can find. Myself and one my my favouritest Art Collector friends are putting out the Lily Butter Land Book. there will be only 2 copies this printing. future printings will probably happen about mid 2013 (and hopefully I can find someone to print distro this for me cuz otherwise she’ll be only available for $70 for a 100 page hard cover LBL book . I’m limited by some of my older scans of art that the […]

Lost Little Girl Show

COMING SOON  ~  Resurrected from messy corrupted back up Files of the Old Website !! The Lost Little Girl Show !! Im Still Finding all the Scattered Missing Bits and Reassembling and Remastering Images… BUT this Summer !!! Original 24 page Mini Comic Having Fun and Playing Games PART 2 The Meaning Of Friends Special Color Episodes THE LOST TEENAGE GIRL SHOW sometimes in color Actual Real Copies of the Original Mini Comic Going in to Second Printing This Spring2013 Available from Butter Store (which is also gonna get […]