How to Kill Queer Scum Properly

Pasted 0140422.03:11 HOW TO KILL QUEER SCUM PROPERLY based on How to Kill Queer Scum/ written october 2008 ====================================================PROPERLY was writen for TOPSIDE PRESS  0140422 ~~ 11985 words   6 Months went by. and Sybil rode a bike for the first time with her new brain. She Was In the dock worker neighbourhood behind the piers on the Mississippissippi in the Driveway of KX’s new place. Sumbuddy had given JK and his wife deed on an 8 room house just as a present cuz jk’s girl had a baby […]

Miss Steaksian Identity

Tick 01.5.i – Miss Steaksian Identity Sissy Q Steak had existed elegantly ever since she had washed up on Greater Metropolitanstreets years ago as a scruffy eyebrow less runaway. When i say she Washed up in Metropolitanopolis she found her way here by riding one municipal transit system until it crossed service areas with the next one. Never having been outside of the all assimilating sprawl she’d grown up in Petaluma, 100km 62miles from center city. she grew up in the toxic zone next to a chinese controlled […]

Lamb at the Library How to Kill Queer Scum by Sybil Lamb “Trannypunk” artist Sybil Lamb writes about nearly being killed in a trans/queer bashing and the following months of her life, as she struggles to regain her memory and ability to communicate. This dark, compellingly illustrated zine describes the hazards and hardships of trans identity, from verbal and physical assaults, messy relationships, and the physical hardship of sex reassignment surgery. Pulling no punches, this zine describes the mental illness and self-destructive behavior that Sybil sees as often accompanying trans identity, […]