Magical Science~ Sybil Lamb Illustration ~ Kid’s Books

Sybil Lamb Magical Science Illustrationz My Delightful Magictastical Professhunal ILLUSTRATION pORTPHOLIO LATE 2018 HIRE ME to do book covers n’ ‘ntire chil’ren’s books where I draw 24 pages for 25 grand like THE ARTISTS MARKET promised me back in 1994 :O IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MY ARTS AS A LITTLE FAKE CARTOON TYPE THING WITH NO NAVIGATION CONTROLS CLICK HERE INSTEAD !!! HANDS FREE ARTS !!!!!   Kid’s Books Illustrations_Sybil Lamb 2018 Kid’s Books Illustrations_Sybil Lamb 2018


  TransOntario // Sybil Lamb // 170905-180605 OAC Dev Grant REPORTCARD 180905 LINK TO TrOn Original Proposal LINK TO “working with Transgendered Models” 9 month report———————-sep5-june5 Finding out I’d been awarded a dev grant and recognized as an ont working artist caught me off guard having already assumed I wasnt getting it and comited to spend a month in ottawa wityh my sisters 3 kids. I quickly jiggled my travel plans and crisscrossed ontario 3 times between ottawa and windsor stoping in everywhere i knew different cool girls […]

NEW! Epic Drawings Gallery !!!

NEW EPIC DRAWING GALLERY 013.01.08 GIANT HIGH DETAIL PICTURES ~ Studio Process Pix ~ Amazing Deatils ! And MORE !! ULTRA HIGH DETAIL SECRETS ! Hello :)This is Automatic Friendly NEWS of The Website My New Gallery EPIC DRAWINGS features 137 new images to View !Plus I have some new Functionality for YOU !My newest Gallery includes 1024px image bounds so ever Pictures is crisply high detailed For Maximum Blow Up to Look great at any Resolution on even Big Monitors SECTION TITLE PAGES allow you to […]

Day 19 // Austin // BuzzMill //

Day 19 // Austin // BuzzMill //cake   Clerry cocktail every time we pulled over clutching my guts all the way down 400 and 500 whatever miles of interstate this time I gobbled another kambucha or 5 berry juice thing every  time we pulled over for strawberitas which was every 40 minnits or so and cuz I had to use the bathroom and not always cuz I had to pee. We stopped at some truck stop just for 30-45-whatever minnits to exhausted rest, When I came to Plett was passed […]

Day9 // PeeDeeExx // Floyds

PeeDeeExx; City of Moss, Black Hoodies scurrying between the rain to house shows. Voodoo donuts, the funny little nook in the wall koolaid and bacon donut shop where the lost little Girl Show played in 2007 and I met that long tall donut baker Miss Emma DeB, that place is 4 times its size now and they run this town. We Read to Floyds Malt Shop, which i was about to claim looked like a soda fountain but no it didnt. Oh my sweet Jeebuzz Floyd, who i remember […]

Day8 // Olympia Coven Media Center

Day 8 ~ Olympia Coven Media Center Oh gawd I am back on updating the Blog after being in blog silence for a week of insane readings and running in to everyone I have ever been in love with on the entire west coast except all at once. SO MANY BURRITOS !!! Also I have to gush about the Tooscon Aridzona Ultra city block sized coffee shop o rama me and Pletts are hidden out at right now; Its like a strange enviroment designed for bloggers and they […]

Day 7 // The Seattle Hills // The Vermillion Room

Day 7  The Seattle Hills // The  Vermillion Room 13 authors read in an order selected by drawing playing cards from a hat. Calvin “Lord Kelvin” Gimplefich called out the playing cards from a music stand next to a mic stand in front of 70 wooden folding chairs full of north western cuites in hoodies drinking hot tea as often as alchol. The vermillion is a long brick cave with side ways bottles on the walls but its hidden in the back of a video game parlor where […]

Day5 // Vampire Book Tour//

Day 5 // The Mountain 13 mountains south of the Mountain  on the Red Bull Can TOM LEGER IS A COLD HEARTED BASTARD WHO LETS WRITERS DIE TO FATTEN HIS OWN POCKETS 12 hours in a car 12 hours in a car 12 hours in a car. we are soooo up in the mountains that we keep driving in to clouds. there are clouds stuck to the trees. I really like all the anti rock slide fences. 50 foot high un moored sheets of chain link dangling off […]

Day 6 // Vancouvervania Gallery Gatch

Day 6 Vancoovervania Gallery Gatch ********************* Place the picture explainign how i got Plett out of the inside of a wolf and how we escaped the woods mountain here ********************* I can say it again cuz I said it to their face once and they wernt to mad. Our vancouver hosts are total hippy witches with kitchen full of herbs and roots and braggs in strange bottles except its really clean except for the odd rotting potato ignored in one of the piles of Video Projectors and bicycles […]


Day3 // Vampire Book Tour 2014 //

Day 3 // Demonton and the Mall of Canadia Ackmoyinsk Ukrain Mickie A big part of why i have a book and get to go on free vacation around the entire continent is cuz I have Traumatic brain Injury. Im missing a chunk of skull 8 inches long and 1 inch with from getting an iron pipe smung down  on top my head. I had to relearn how to talk starting in early may 2008. Expressive Aphasia is the name of the condition of being unable to string […]

Day4 // Vampire Book Tour 2014 //

Day 4 // Callgary Loft 112 is a super amazing space, creative writing advocacy group, resource center for writers and self publishers, and the home to a dozen writers projects residencies and they  are working to launch a paper magazine. And they love illustrators and visual artists. and they gave us soooo many drink tickets ♥ We played to the large neat fancy steel concrete wood and glass room with 80 year old typewriters and books stacked everywhere and almost 90 people. Hordes  of smiling queeros  left with […]

Day 2 Peg to Vagoona

VAMPIRE BOOK TOUR 2014 My name is Sybil Lamb, I am a 30 sumthing ish artist and designer who is on a 37 city book tour from toronto to vancouver to LA to New Orleans to Vermont and 33 other cities. The book Im touring is called IVE GOT A TIME BOMB. Its a crazy dense 350 page tome that is half made from my trans queer punk rock zines from 2005-2009 and 140000 extra words from last winter when i sent my years old manuscript to topside […]

LAMB Store ~ New 2017 store NOW ONLINE

NEW 2017 LAMB STORE     BRAIN ANOMALY 2016 PRINT SALE !! ======== ButterLand Books ======== TOPSIDE BOOKSTORE AMAZON.COMGOODREADS I’ve Got A Time B*mb BY SYBIL LAMB · RELEASE DATE JUNE 12, 2014 On her way home from a gay wedding, Sybil’s eponymous protagonist is ambushed, beaten, and left for dead on the train tracks. Days later, Sybil awakens in a hospital and finds her skull has been reconstructed, but it quickly becomes clear that her version of “normal” and “reality” may have been permanently altered. When she falls in love […]

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