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Lily Butter Land Art Shows Last Update 013-01-27 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013 UP-Coming art shows ~ This Spring in Toronto VIDEOFAG ———————————————March 17 BUTTER ART IN AUCTION March 22nd. ———!!!! I’m Donating at least one piece to “Where’s the Love” AIDS Committee of Toronto fundraiser The Trash Show @ SuperWonderGallery P!-Project 4 @ Buddies Theater BUTTER IN THE PARK @RIVERDALE ART WALK JUNE 2013 DATES AND Thrilling New Art Pieces TBA !! KEEP YOUR EYES ON FOR BREAKING BUTTER NEWS Art […]

About Lily Butter

~ Lily Butter Land ~ ★ FineArt ★ Professhonal of Art & Design ★ Illustration ★ ★ Comix ★ Books ★ Inventions ★ Blog★ ★ about ★ Butter Store ★ Contact ★ Click Here for Main Site Table of Contents ★ Press ★ News ★ Shows ★ Bio ★ ★Accomplices  ★ Contact ★ ★ Buy art ★ Butter Store ★ Art&Design Services ★ Main Masthead 12.12.31   Curriculum vitae [Spring 2013] Full Length Version Lily Butter Land Lillian Bloodgherdt (b. 1985 Can) Studio @ Carlton St Toronto | | 647-852-7924 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013   ARTIST CV PDF ~ FEB 2013   Click here For Current and Past ~> Art […]


I’m trying to find as many of my PICTURES WITH STORIES i can find. Myself and one my my favouritest Art Collector friends are putting out the Lily Butter Land Book. there will be only 2 copies this printing. future printings will probably happen about mid 2013 (and hopefully I can find someone to print distro this for me cuz otherwise she’ll be only available for $70 for a 100 page hard cover LBL book . I’m limited by some of my older scans of art that the […]


COPIX INVENTORY 15.8.012 A REGULARLY UPDATED LIST OF COPIX INVENTORY FOR LBL STUDIOS. So i can look this up on my Android when I’m at the Art Store so i don’t wind up buying 3 identical yg91 pens (putty color) or get refills for colors i don’t have or accidentally stockpile C5 or whatever…. GREY COLLECTION C 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,-,-, N -,-,-,3,4,-,6,-,8,-, W 0,1,2,3,-,5,6,-,-,-, T — REFILLZ C0,C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,*,C7, N3, W0,W1,W2,W3, E0,E02 E21 E35 E43 E51,E53,E55, R59 Y28 YG03 G20,G21 BG93, BG10 B00 E0 00,40,50, E1 11,21,31,51, E2 02 E3 13,33,43 […]