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~ Lily Butter Land ~ ★ FineArt ★ Professhonal of Art & Design ★ Illustration ★ ★ Comix ★ Books ★ Inventions ★ Blog★ ★ about ★ Butter Store ★ Contact ★ Click Here for Main Site Table of Contents ★ Press ★ News ★ Shows ★ Bio ★ ★Accomplices  ★ Contact ★ ★ Buy art ★ Butter Store ★ Art&Design Services ★ Main Masthead 12.12.31   Curriculum vitae [Spring 2013] Full Length Version Lily Butter Land Lillian Bloodgherdt (b. 1985 Can) Studio @ Carlton St Toronto lambypie@lilybutterland.com |lilybutterland.com | 647-852-7924 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013   ARTIST CV PDF ~ FEB 2013   Click here For Current and Past ~> Art […]

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Lily Butter Land BUREAU of INFORMATION All Art + Words Copy-write  Lillian Butter 1992-2012 ~ All Right and Credit belong to me ~ CONTACT LILY BUTTER AT HER DOWNTOWN TORONTO LABOATOIRE SECRET LAMBYPIE@LILYBUTTERLAND.COM LILYBUTTERLAND 72 CARLTON ST SUITE 3 TORONTO ON M5B1L6 Greater Metropolitan Toronto * 2012.11.02 DoD All Payments / Credit card by Safe Secure PayPal Click for Payments Section or email to set up Direct eTransfer New  Internet Butter Store !! ~coming Soon ~ Dozens of ways to Buy my Valuable Art Dirt Cheap !! it was on sickness […]


THIS IS THE LILY BUTTER LABORATORIUM DIRECTORY PRIME OPEN A SPACE TIME HOLE TONIGHT IN YOUR OWN KITCHEN GROUNDBREAKING  SCIENTARTISTICAL WORKS OF LILY BUTTER LaBORATORIUM pHOTO ScRAPBOOK WPLINK-INDEX             SHORTLINK INDEX EXAMINE THE MAIN Galleries MENU    XXX [singlepic id=24 w=600 h=600 float=center] [singlepic id=61 w=600 h=600 float=center] Since the early days of Sorcery and Alchemy There has been a core understanding hardwired in to the human brain that invention discovery design play and the triumph of the human will all facets of our power to know and manipulate […]


I’m trying to find as many of my PICTURES WITH STORIES i can find. Myself and one my my favouritest Art Collector friends are putting out the Lily Butter Land Book. there will be only 2 copies this printing. future printings will probably happen about mid 2013 (and hopefully I can find someone to print distro this for me cuz otherwise she’ll be only available for $70 for a 100 page hard cover LBL book . I’m limited by some of my older scans of art that the […]

Lily Butter ~ Artist Statement 2011

Artist’s Statement INSERT HERE i just like my friends and their bodies are neat and i like to go through people fridges and junk drawers and medicine cabinets. I’m not doing anything bad, i just like all the colors and shapes. I’m a sensation addict, i follow the most beautiful people and the ones who aflutter best and are funnest to chase and I try to capture the experience while staying in motion to keep up with them. My art is also my way that i can capture […]

Lily Butter ~ Artist Bio 2011

Official Bio Spring 2011 Lily Butter is a Proud Member of the Art School Drop Outs, The Rethinkers, and identifies as Peer of the New Maximalist. When people ask her what she Paints she usually sez:”charmingly unsettling Genre paintings and Portraiture that Looks like they came out of a really cool comic book.” Butter’s paintings are obsessed with human bodies navigating their own incongruity in environments of attention deficit clutter-philia evoking narrative back-story and affection for her subjects that is as esoteric as peeling onions. Some of her paintings […]

Lily Butter ~ Artist Bio 24.10.011

Artist Biography Lillian Butter has spent the last 10 years Travelling North America, Documenting the Loves and Lives of her Favourite Edge and Outsider Charectors. Drawing from a long and rich classical Art Tradition of taking prostitutes and Punks and Queers and  Unemployed Artsy Trash as Muses, Butters Multimedia Illustration attempts to take intimate snap shots of chaos and render them with meticulous Attention Deficit to Detail. The Porn and Pickups art show will also present several large format “Ultra-Illustrations” made in a special hybrid painting drawing Techniq […]

Try to remember where im going as fast as i can ~IGTB5

Try to remember where im going as fast as i can ~IGTB5 by Sybil Lamb on Saturday, 9 June 2012 at 12:38 · PublicFriendsFriends except acquaintancesOnly meCustomClose friendsTsPxSee all lists…PJPartyHotMessThe Things I Draw Come TrueHouse of LambTermite & VineThe GutterHouse of LambToronto AreaConcordia UniversityFamilyAcquaintancesGo Back Your changes have been saved. i think its north of here i go deeper in to the endless sprawl of the metropolis not deeper downtown but up town an i get lost in neighbroods i dont know the name of  houses small appartment buildings and little […]

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~ Lily Butter Land ~ ★ FineArt ★ Professhonal of Art & Design ★ Illustration ★ this is the main index //all site changes are registered here 013.02.15 ACTUAL REAL PICTURES LILLIAN BUTTER IN STUDIO   JOIN ME ON FACE BOOK !! http://www.facebook.com/lilybutterland   Lily Butter Land Lillian Bloodgherdt (b. 1965 Can) Studio 72 Carlton St. Suite 3,Toronto lambypie@lilybutterland.com |lilybutterland.com | 647-852-7924 All Payments / Credit card by Safe Secure PayPal Click For Payments Page or email to set up Direct eTransfer NEW INVENTORY DATABASE BUY ORIGINAL ART ~ CLICK HERE   Lily Butter Land   Click here For […]

The Lost Aorta/ ART XX interview ~ June 2010

The Lost Aorta Magazine Interview The Lost Aorta Magazine InterviewIn 2010 i was one year in to living in toronto, one year since i ended a chaotic 5 year epic of hitchhiking and riding trains around america, running a legalized squat non profit advocay group, and fronting an art-punk-metal-fundamentalist-christian-demon worship art cult.At the time of this interview i was working full time to make pieces for my First Solo Show in over a decade, Lost Little Girl Show @ Barrister’s Gallery {nola}. After this interview I had a bunch […]


Lillian Butter Press kit~Artist’s Statement~ Bio~ // All Souls Day 2011 Lillian Butter Press kit ALL OF THIS PAGE MOVED TO NEW SECRET SICKFILTH ARCHIVES !!! http://sicknessandfilth.com/EmpireOfFilth/lily-butter-artist-statement-2011/ hi res poster/flyer : http://static.pixelpipe.com/d6e9951e-9dc7-46d5-b15b-ba8c4839ed91.jpg Porn and Pickups ~~ art show at Cum as you are Dildo Shoppe !!! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=211618192232662Real True actual Drawings and paintings from the files of my Underground Documentarian Illustrator Journalist years in the trenches with art squatters and She-male strippers. … great holiday gift ideas !!! http://lilybutterland.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/porn-and-pickups-wanna-be-friends-flyer/See more Porn and Pickups *PART 1!*~ Lily Butter @ ComeAsYouAre […]