TransOntario // Sybil Lamb // 170905-180605 OAC Dev Grant REPORTCARD 180905 LINK TO TrOn Original Proposal LINK TO “working with Transgendered Models” 9 month report———————-sep5-june5 Finding out I’d been awarded a dev grant and recognized as an ont working artist caught me off guard having already assumed I wasnt getting it and comited to spend a month in ottawa wityh my sisters 3 kids. I quickly jiggled my travel plans and crisscrossed ontario 3 times between ottawa and windsor stoping in everywhere i knew different cool girls […]

Church Street Murals Project

Church Street Murals Project Back Stage at UltraChurch Lily Butter Land My mural Proposal is to create a very busy ambitious busy and captivating portrait of over 5 dozen character likenesses of well known Church Street nightlife denizens of the Past 50 years. The people, culture and community I’m depicting are the Queens Queers Oddballs Club Kids and Party Monsters who have always been the Bell Weather Trend Setters and most colorful stand out creatures yet often the most maligned and misunderstood haunts of the fringes of the Village scene.The […]

Lily Butter Land Art Shows

Lily Butter Land Art Shows Last Update 013-01-27 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013 UP-Coming art shows ~ This Spring in Toronto VIDEOFAG ———————————————March 17 BUTTER ART IN AUCTION March 22nd. ———!!!! I’m Donating at least one piece to “Where’s the Love” AIDS Committee of Toronto fundraiser The Trash Show @ SuperWonderGallery P!-Project 4 @ Buddies Theater BUTTER IN THE PARK @RIVERDALE ART WALK JUNE 2013 DATES AND Thrilling New Art Pieces TBA !! KEEP YOUR EYES ON http://www.facebook.com/lilybutterland http://www.lilybutterland.com/home/blog FOR BREAKING BUTTER NEWS Art […]

About Lily Butter

~ Lily Butter Land ~ ★ FineArt ★ Professhonal of Art & Design ★ Illustration ★ ★ Comix ★ Books ★ Inventions ★ Blog★ ★ about ★ Butter Store ★ Contact ★ Click Here for Main Site Table of Contents ★ Press ★ News ★ Shows ★ Bio ★ ★Accomplices  ★ Contact ★ ★ Buy art ★ Butter Store ★ Art&Design Services ★ Main Masthead 12.12.31   Curriculum vitae [Spring 2013] Full Length Version Lily Butter Land Lillian Bloodgherdt (b. 1985 Can) Studio @ Carlton St Toronto lambypie@lilybutterland.com |lilybutterland.com | 647-852-7924 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013   ARTIST CV PDF ~ FEB 2013   Click here For Current and Past ~> Art […]


Lillian Butter Press kit~Artist’s Statement~ Bio~ // All Souls Day 2011 Lillian Butter Press kit ALL OF THIS PAGE MOVED TO NEW SECRET SICKFILTH ARCHIVES !!! http://sicknessandfilth.com/EmpireOfFilth/lily-butter-artist-statement-2011/ hi res poster/flyer : http://static.pixelpipe.com/d6e9951e-9dc7-46d5-b15b-ba8c4839ed91.jpg Porn and Pickups ~~ art show at Cum as you are Dildo Shoppe !!! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=211618192232662Real True actual Drawings and paintings from the files of my Underground Documentarian Illustrator Journalist years in the trenches with art squatters and She-male strippers. … great holiday gift ideas !!! http://lilybutterland.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/porn-and-pickups-wanna-be-friends-flyer/See more Porn and Pickups *PART 1!*~ Lily Butter @ ComeAsYouAre […]