Sybil E. Lamb Internet Certified Professional of Art     NEWS Stacked Deck Press Announces Open Submissions for ‘We’re Still Here’ Anthology of Trans … ComicsAlliance The project already has several cartoonists on board, including Christianne Benedict, creator of The Exile of Natalie Rios; Sybil Lamb, creator of Lost … BLOGS Trans Writer Sybil Lamb Wrote a Novel About Surviving a Hate Crime Vice Trans writer Sybil Lamb was living in post-Katrina New Orleans when two men beat her with an iron pipe, taking a chunk out of […]

Press Clippings, Tear Sheets, and Reviews

Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013 Press Clippings, Tear Sheets, and Reviews  The works on view seem to reflect the musings of a fantastic and tortuous imagination… or so we thought until her subjects showed up en masse at her opening, revealing once and for all that Butter is actually a realist. This POST is the Official main Index of Clippings and Tears. All Modifications go here//  last updated 012.12.31 CLIPPINGS and TEARS MOSTLY IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER JANUARY 2013 // FEMMELDEHYDE   EXCERPT  […]

Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717

Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717   “Like Egon Schiele having a cameo in Tank Girl” Sybil Lamb Curriculum Vitae 2017 Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717    Magic Realism // Surrealism // Subrealism // Lowbrow Graphic Novel // Body Horror // PinUp // Comix   Artist Bio 20170117 For over a decade Lamb has worked as a self-styled underground documentarian of the rare and beautiful characters of underground and edge culture, the recording angel of a particular milieu. Her detail obsessed scenes and hyper articulated portraits collect stories and characters from all around North America […]

Curriculum Vitae 2017 ~v1.1

Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717   Curriculum Vitae [17.01.17] EXTRA LONG Full Length Version Sybil E. Lamb (b. 19XX Canadia) {aka~ Lillian Butter, Emily Whist, Emily Wretch} HOUSE of LAMB ~ ButterLand Art Studio Sandwich Towne ~ South Detroit  ~ Ontario N9CXXX 6ybil@sybillamb.com.com http://lilybutterland.com http://sybillamb.com GALLERYS-—————————— 2012-2016 Multiple Shows, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto 2014-2017 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Schomburg 2014-2017 Elephant shoe Gifts, Cheryl Lemon Lime, Toronto EXHIBITION History ——————————- 2015 Multiple Shows, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto 2015 Arturo Vega Tribute Show, Moffat and Bain, Videofag 2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Expo, Toronto […]

Brash Brushstrokes // Review of GAWD MESS AMERIKA 013.03.17

Brash Brushstrokes ON DISPLAY / Saurin Galloway and Sybil Lamb are compelling and cocky, just like their artwork http://www.xtra.ca/public/Toronto/Brash_brushes-13291.aspx Serafin LaRiviere / Toronto / Friday, March 15, 2013 More Sharing ServicesShare|Share on emailShare on facebookShare on redditShare on twitterShare on stumbleuponShare on digg Ah, St Patrick’s Day. When else can a homo get away with an emerald shirt worn with blue jeans, drink verdant beer without getting food poisoning, and be shut out of New York’s second largest parade of the year (fuck you, Ancient Order of Hibernians). Okay, […]

13 image Portfolio 150123

Portfolio Sybil Lamb 150123 100000 foot tall Lamb     //     2014 Secret Underground Princess Castle          //2011 Squeaky and Twitchy Vs the Robot Rat                    //          2014 North Amerika (in the resimulated year 289)   // 2014 (promotional Material for Topside Press 2014 Vanguard book tour}   Tiki Island // 2014 (Concept art for “tiki Island” Animated Series,, BiPolarBear Studio }   Lost Little Girl Show “Having Fun and Playing Games”    //      2006   Lost Little Girl Show  “Poison Garpes”    //      2007 Lost Teenage  Girl Show  “Thoughts of Harm”    //      2009   […]

Church Street Murals Project

Church Street Murals Project Back Stage at UltraChurch Lily Butter Land My mural Proposal is to create a very busy ambitious busy and captivating portrait of over 5 dozen character likenesses of well known Church Street nightlife denizens of the Past 50 years. The people, culture and community I’m depicting are the Queens Queers Oddballs Club Kids and Party Monsters who have always been the Bell Weather Trend Setters and most colorful stand out creatures yet often the most maligned and misunderstood haunts of the fringes of the Village scene.The […]

Expression of Interest SAMPLE

~ Expression of Interest ~     To The Attention of XXXXXXX,     I am writing to express my interest in your Call For Artists for the XXXXPUBLIC ART THINGYXXXXX. I am a Church Street Resident, an Ontario Born Trans Women, and a Fine Artist, Freelance Illustrator, and Designer with over 20 Years Experience. I Ply my many Prolific Projects at my 600 square foot studio above Zipperz Piano Bar. My Latest Fascination is Very Large Very Detailed Paintings, from 6 to 11 feet wide, using a multimedia process involving […]

Femmeldehyde 2012

  EXTERNAL LINK http://www.femmeldehyde.com/ EXTERNAL LINK 2 http://issuu.com/femmeldehyde/docs/issue03-singlepages1/21 LBL MIRROR http://www.lilybutterland.com/home/femmeldehyde-2012/ FEMMELDEHYDE issue 3 PDF MIRROR http://lilybutterland.com/PDF/femmeldehyde03.pdf   ATTEMPTING TO COPY TEXT OFF AN ONLINE PDF   LILY BUTTER Technology and technological advancements are made possible through the magic of science, of course. So when a friend referred me to the very technological and highly revered Scientartist Lily Butter, I thought, who better to consult for this issue? Miss Butter not only makes scientological art, but is also deeply immersed and affluent in the discipline thanks to Popular Science magazine. She was “perfectly articulated, […]

Lily Butter Land Art Shows

Lily Butter Land Art Shows Last Update 013-01-27 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013 UP-Coming art shows ~ This Spring in Toronto VIDEOFAG ———————————————March 17 BUTTER ART IN AUCTION March 22nd. ———!!!! I’m Donating at least one piece to “Where’s the Love” AIDS Committee of Toronto fundraiser The Trash Show @ SuperWonderGallery P!-Project 4 @ Buddies Theater BUTTER IN THE PARK @RIVERDALE ART WALK JUNE 2013 DATES AND Thrilling New Art Pieces TBA !! KEEP YOUR EYES ON http://www.facebook.com/lilybutterland http://www.lilybutterland.com/home/blog FOR BREAKING BUTTER NEWS Art […]

Professional of Arts

Art and Design by Lily Butter Land Stop Thinking of stuff in your HEAD Commission Lily Butter Land to Creat your Visions I Make REAL AUTHENTIC Pictures of What you are Thinking Of AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE ARTWORK SPRING 2013 Amazing Professional of Art Special Offer =============================== Limited Time New Offering Special  Prices and Terms Listed Will Change in the not to distant future.   Write me a description of what you’d like a picture of. your description can be long or short, detailed or vague. please send relevant pix you […]

About Lily Butter

~ Lily Butter Land ~ ★ FineArt ★ Professhonal of Art & Design ★ Illustration ★ ★ Comix ★ Books ★ Inventions ★ Blog★ ★ about ★ Butter Store ★ Contact ★ Click Here for Main Site Table of Contents ★ Press ★ News ★ Shows ★ Bio ★ ★Accomplices  ★ Contact ★ ★ Buy art ★ Butter Store ★ Art&Design Services ★ Main Masthead 12.12.31   Curriculum vitae [Spring 2013] Full Length Version Lily Butter Land Lillian Bloodgherdt (b. 1985 Can) Studio @ Carlton St Toronto lambypie@lilybutterland.com |lilybutterland.com | 647-852-7924 Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013   ARTIST CV PDF ~ FEB 2013   Click here For Current and Past ~> Art […]

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Lily Butter Land BUREAU of INFORMATION All Art + Words Copy-write  Lillian Butter 1992-2012 ~ All Right and Credit belong to me ~ CONTACT LILY BUTTER AT HER DOWNTOWN TORONTO LABOATOIRE SECRET LAMBYPIE@LILYBUTTERLAND.COM LILYBUTTERLAND 72 CARLTON ST SUITE 3 TORONTO ON M5B1L6 Greater Metropolitan Toronto * 2012.11.02 DoD All Payments / Credit card by Safe Secure PayPal Click for Payments Section or email to set up Direct eTransfer New  Internet Butter Store !! ~coming Soon ~ Dozens of ways to Buy my Valuable Art Dirt Cheap !! it was on sickness […]