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Artist Biography Lillian Butter has spent the last 10 years Travelling North America, Documenting the Loves and Lives of her Favourite Edge and Outsider Charectors. Drawing from a long and rich classical Art Tradition of taking prostitutes and Punks and Queers and Unemployed Artsy Trash as Muses, Butters Multimedia Illustration attempts to take intimate snap shots of chaos and render them with meticulous Attention Deficit to Detail. The Porn and Pickups art show will also present several large format "Ultra-Illustrations" made in a special hybrid painting drawing Techniq that I am still Inventing ! Butters Art appears Regularilly At Barristers Gallery (NOLA) PatrickJohMills Gallery (Ottawa) and is Notorious from her Wide reaching Internet Famousness. Butter Set up Studio in GTA early 2010; Porn & Pickups @ Cum As You Are is her Second Solo Show here. Butter's art has only been in Galleries since 2009 when her work was discovered by Barrister's Gallery/NOLA as she sat in the back of EnVie Coffee shop on her 3rd ice cappuccino working on an ultra detailed pen illustration, on the back of a job application, of herself half naked and waving a box cutter. As of All Souls Day 2011, Butter Lives and keeps a real nice tricked out Studio in Toronto but Still could show up anywhere at any Time. She is also a frequent contibutor to other art projects in GTA and NOLA including Yamantanka//Sonic Titan, Feast yer Eyes NOLA Comix artist Magazine, the Little Lambs Art Cult, the Miss Rockaway Armada home made river boat, and The Bad Idea Factory. Creator of over 4 dozens of zine Titles some of which can be found in the cambridge zine library, the queer zine archive, and a dozen Distros arround the country, Self published and distroed herself across north americathrough lo tech internet and punk ass travelling for over a decade. they're all scanned in to sicknessandfilth in the zines section. Also, not only is Butter a decent Bus Mechanic and a Precision Machist and a Legal Researcher, but She can also kind of weld a little bit. and do residential/ light industrial electricial. She has dabbled in acting and modelling and it comes back to haunt her all the time. In her spare time she makes awesome inventions like guitars made of gascans and dog legs and broken guitars. One time she reanimated a dead goat for the Automaton Festival of Piety Iron Works 2011. She has toured her one woman punk rock puppet show The Lost Little Girl Show from PDX to NOLA to Short Mountain. She is activeFront woman for two different punk-metal-art bands (including Pussy Pussy Thrillz! who have played 2 shows since 1992) who never play cuz the band members are all in it as a side project. Butter also invented the sicknessandfilth art database. its based on my own brain when i close my eyes and try to stare at it. its my inventions of a way to program a computer in cartoons. its still under crapstruction. old BIO pages http://lilybutterland.livejournal.com/346517.html

I’ve got a Time bomb   Recently updated !

Art of a Mad Bomber LILYBUTTERLAND.COM IVE GOT A TIME BOMB 3 short story zine 2009 http://lilybutterland.com/IGTB/IGTB3Px.pdf the Ballad of Miss Carriage (IGTB1) LILYBUTTERLAND.COM IveGotaTimeB_mb2 LILYBUTTERLAND.COM

LOST LITTLE GIRL SHOW   Recently updated !

           Everything About the Lost Little Girl Show ORIGININIAL  Cigarette Pack Size Comix   ~~Having Fun and Playing Games~~   ~~ORIGINAL LOST Color Comix~~   ~~Lost Teenage Girl Show~~ 13th Anniversary **Misc Lost Art** **Lost Little Girl Rock n Roll Show** Staring Gingham Lolly girl FP420        

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  Sybil E. Lamb Internet Certified Professional of Art     NEWS Stacked Deck Press Announces Open Submissions for ‘We’re Still Here’ Anthology of Trans … ComicsAlliance The project already has several cartoonists on board, including Christianne Benedict, creator of The Exile of Natalie Rios; Sybil Lamb, creator of Lost … BLOGS Trans Writer Sybil Lamb Wrote a Novel About Surviving a Hate Crime Vice Trans writer Sybil Lamb was living in post-Katrina New Orleans when two men beat her with an iron pipe, taking a chunk out of […]

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This is the Main LBL Gallery by Year Also Visit ★ Illustration by Subject ★ This Gallery Index is under Construction / New Galleries Added Often Last Update  013.01.05 NEW EPIC DRAWING GALLERY 013.01.08 GIANT HIGH DETAIL PICTURES ~ Studio Process Pix ~ Amazing Deatils ! And MORE !! CLICK HERE FOR EVEN MORE GALLERIES Map of  ~ Lily Butter Land ~ ★ FineArt ★ Professhonal of Art & Design ★ Illustration ★ ★ Comix ★ Books ★ Inventions ★ Blog★ ★ about ★ Butter Store ★ Contact ★   Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013   Click Here for Main Site Table of Contents ★ Press ★ News ★ Shows ★ Bio ★ ★Accomplices  ★ Contact ★ ★ Buy […]

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This is the  LBL Illustration by Subject Also Visit ★ Galleries Indexed By Year ★ This Gallery Index is  VERY under Construction / New Galleries Added THIS SPRING Last Update  012.12.12 COMING THIS SPRING !!   Click here for the Main Image Galleries Indexed By Year Map of  ~ Lily Butter Land ~ ★ FineArt ★ Professhonal of Art & Design ★ Illustration ★ ★ Comix ★ Books ★ Inventions ★ Blog★ ★ about ★ Butter Store ★ Contact ★ Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013   Click Here for Main Site Table of Contents ★ Press ★ News ★ Shows ★ Bio ★ ★Accomplices  ★ Contact ★ ★ Buy art ★ Butter Store ★ Art&Design Services ★ Main Masthead 13.02.15

Lost Little Girl Show   Recently updated !

COMING SOON  ~  Resurrected from messy corrupted back up Files of the Old Website !! The Lost Little Girl Show !! Im Still Finding all the Scattered Missing Bits and Reassembling and Remastering Images… BUT this Summer !!! Original 24 page Mini Comic Having Fun and Playing Games PART 2 The Meaning Of Friends Special Color Episodes THE LOST TEENAGE GIRL SHOW sometimes in color Actual Real Copies of the Original Mini Comic Going in to Second Printing This Spring2013 Available from Butter Store (which is also gonna get […]

Press Clippings, Tear Sheets, and Reviews   Recently updated !

Click here For My Professional CV Click here for Artist Statement 2013 Press Clippings, Tear Sheets, and Reviews  The works on view seem to reflect the musings of a fantastic and tortuous imagination… or so we thought until her subjects showed up en masse at her opening, revealing once and for all that Butter is actually a realist. This POST is the Official main Index of Clippings and Tears. All Modifications go here//  last updated 012.12.31 CLIPPINGS and TEARS MOSTLY IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER JANUARY 2013 // FEMMELDEHYDE   EXCERPT  […]

Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717   Recently updated !

Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717   “Like Egon Schiele having a cameo in Tank Girl” Sybil Lamb Curriculum Vitae 2017 Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717    Magic Realism // Surrealism // Subrealism // Lowbrow Graphic Novel // Body Horror // PinUp // Comix   Artist Bio 20170117 For over a decade Lamb has worked as a self-styled underground documentarian of the rare and beautiful characters of underground and edge culture, the recording angel of a particular milieu. Her detail obsessed scenes and hyper articulated portraits collect stories and characters from all around North America […]

Curriculum Vitae 2017 ~v1.1   Recently updated !

Sybil Lamb Artist Bio Art Statement 170717   Curriculum Vitae [17.01.17] EXTRA LONG Full Length Version Sybil E. Lamb (b. 19XX Canadia) {aka~ Lillian Butter, Emily Whist, Emily Wretch} HOUSE of LAMB ~ ButterLand Art Studio Sandwich Towne ~ South Detroit  ~ Ontario N9CXXX 6ybil@sybillamb.com.com http://lilybutterland.com http://sybillamb.com GALLERYS-—————————— 2012-2016 Multiple Shows, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto 2014-2017 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Schomburg 2014-2017 Elephant shoe Gifts, Cheryl Lemon Lime, Toronto EXHIBITION History ——————————- 2015 Multiple Shows, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto 2015 Arturo Vega Tribute Show, Moffat and Bain, Videofag 2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Expo, Toronto […]

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SybilLamb_Exhibitions Catalog_2010-2017 170410-1:11   2017, Elephant Shoe, Cherry Lemon Lime, Ransack the universe,Toronto {RECORDS MIA} https://t.co/RWeW6LL3R5   2017 Grackle Gallery, Amanda Grackle, Shomburg ON [NEW HAND RETOUCHED PRINTS, Steer Cuts, Steer Cuts BLUE, AmsterdamWindow4, Edith MAssey Sedgwick, Between Parked Cars, Sideny In the Fire Exit, Tandem Friends, The Lake, Kitty Ashtray, Myki’s Treehouse,Grackle Biscotti }   ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….   2016 Super Duper, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto { Goddess of Lights, Devil in her Sack ]   2016 Super TRASH, Christian Aldo, SuperWonderGallery, Toronto { Fire Breathing Electric Cat ] […]

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NEW EPIC DRAWING GALLERY 013.01.08 GIANT HIGH DETAIL PICTURES ~ Studio Process Pix ~ Amazing Deatils ! And MORE !! ULTRA HIGH DETAIL SECRETS ! Hello :)This is Automatic Friendly NEWS of The Website LILYBUTTERLAND.com My New Gallery EPIC DRAWINGS features 137 new images to View !Plus I have some new Functionality for YOU !My newest Gallery includes 1024px image bounds so ever Pictures is crisply high detailed For Maximum Blow Up to Look great at any Resolution on even Big Monitors SECTION TITLE PAGES allow you to […]