Lily Butter ~ Artist Bio 2011

Official Bio Spring 2011

Lily Butter is a Proud Member
of the Art School Drop Outs, The Rethinkers, and identifies as Peer of
the New Maximalist. When people ask her what she Paints she usually
sez:”charmingly unsettling Genre paintings and Portraiture that Looks
like they came out of a really cool comic book.”

paintings are obsessed with human bodies navigating their own
incongruity in environments of attention deficit clutter-philia evoking
narrative back-story and affection for her subjects that is as esoteric
as peeling onions.

Some of her paintings are not of gender
incongruity punx, but you’d have to spend a while digging through her
giant archives at to
find them all. Butter also Documents the new Milenial Gutter-Fabulous
Underground, The Jezebel Harlots of the Hot Mess XXXpress Society, and
Lanky Antisocialite PostPunk boys she lust-crushes on. She also sits
Demons for portraits and she sits arround trying to draw everything in
her junk drawer all day instead of going outside and getting some air
and exercise. But

she does go to all the dance parties.
Thats how she gets her “ideas”.

She lives somewhere between
New Orleans and South Canadia.