Lillian Butter Press kit~Artist’s Statement~ Bio~ // All Souls Day 2011

Lillian Butter

Press kit



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Porn and Pickups ~~ art show at
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True actual Drawings and paintings from the files of my Underground
Documentarian Illustrator Journalist years in the trenches with art
squatters and She-male strippers.

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‎03 November at 19:00, Come As You Are


Action Art Stunt

Come As you are will be moving to a new Better Location 2 blocks down the street on NOV 15. At this time the Porn and Pickups Show Will Be Taken Down, REMIXED and Rehung with new Pieces for Come As You Are’s New Store Opening Party, First Week December, T>B>A> !!

This was totally planned as a 21st century art action, It was not a weird schedualling glitch. Its an Art Thing.





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Documentary Illustrator Journalism project !!

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Press Clippings

Lillian Butter

Butter documents the private lives of New Orleans
gutterpunks and squatters in her mixed media drawings and paintings. At
once filled with sordid realities and psychedelic reverie, Butter’s work
captures the essence of her subjects’ lives on the street and in their
temporary shelters. The poignancy of her work comes from the permanence
of her artistic statement, with it’s bold lines and color, which
contrast with the transitory and combustible nature of her subjects’


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4. my lost interview with Imogen Binnie
AORTA magazine b4 they got caught in a vicious rival feminist art
magazine corporate/ girl pirates take over thing
Artist’s Statement

INSERT HERE i just like my friends and their bodies are neat and i like to go through people fridges and junk drawers and medicine cabinets. I’m not doing anything bad, i just like all the colors and shapes. I’m a sensation addict, i follow the most beautiful people and the ones who aflutter best and are funnest to chase and I try to capture the experience while staying in motion to keep up with them.

My art is also my way that i can capture my crushes and vent enuff of my lusty energies that I can act cool when Socialising. I’m very sensous and inclined to intimacy. I collect beautiful people and hunger to know every stich of them.
link to a rant aboput the trials of errors of underground documentarinism !


Official Bio Spring 2011

Lily Butter is a Proud Member
of the Art School Drop Outs, The Rethinkers, and identifies as Peer of
the New Maximalist. When people ask her what she Paints she usually
sez:”charmingly unsettling Genre paintings and Portraiture that Looks
like they came out of a really cool comic book.”

paintings are obsessed with human bodies navigating their own
incongruity in environments of attention deficit clutter-philia evoking
narrative back-story and affection for her subjects that is as esoteric
as peeling onions.

Some of her paintings are not of gender
incongruity punx, but you’d have to spend a while digging through her
giant archives at http://sicknessandfilth.com/ to
find them all. Butter also Documents the new Milenial Gutter-Fabulous
Underground, The Jezebel Harlots of the Hot Mess XXXpress Society, and
Lanky Antisocialite PostPunk boys she lust-crushes on. She also sits
Demons for portraits and she sits arround trying to draw everything in
her junk drawer all day instead of going outside and getting some air
and exercise. But

she does go to all the dance parties.
Thats how she gets her “ideas”.

She lives somewhere between
New Orleans and South Canadia.
Artist Biography

Lillian Butter has spent the last 10 years Travelling North America, Documenting the Loves and Lives of her Favourite Edge and Outsider Charectors. Drawing from a long and rich classical Art Tradition of taking prostitutes and Punks and Queers and  Unemployed Artsy Trash as Muses, Butters Multimedia Illustration attempts to take intimate snap shots of chaos and render them with meticulous Attention Deficit to Detail. The Porn and Pickups art show will also present several large format “Ultra-Illustrations” made in a special hybrid painting drawing Techniq that I am still Inventing ! Butters Art appears Regularilly At Barristers Gallery (NOLA) PatrickJohMills Gallery (Ottawa) and is Notorious from her Wide reaching Internet Famousness. Butter Set up Studio in GTA early 2010; Porn & Pickups @ Cum As You Are is her Second Solo Show here.

Butter’s art has only been in Galleries since 2009 when her work was discovered by Barrister’s Gallery/NOLA as she sat in the back of EnVie Coffee shop on her 3rd ice cappuccino working on an ultra detailed pen illustration, on the back of a job application, of herself half naked and waving a box cutter. As of All Souls Day 2011, Butter Lives and keeps a real nice tricked out Studio in Toronto but Still could show up anywhere at any Time. She is also a frequent contibutor to other art projects in GTA and NOLA including Yamantanka//Sonic Titan, Feast yer Eyes NOLA Comix artist Magazine, the Little Lambs Art Cult,  the Miss Rockaway Armada home made river boat, and The Bad Idea Factory. Creator of over 4 dozens of zine Titles some of which can be found in the cambridge zine library, the queer zine archive, and a dozen Distros arround the country, Self published and distroed herself across north americathrough lo tech internet and punk ass travelling for over a decade.

they’re all scanned in to sicknessandfilth in the zines section.

Also,  not only is Butter a decent Bus Mechanic and a Precision Machist and a Legal Researcher, but She can also
kind of weld a little bit. and do residential/ light industrial electricial. She has dabbled in acting and modelling and it comes back to haunt her all the time. In her spare time she makes awesome inventions like guitars made of gascans and dog legs and broken
guitars. One time she reanimated a dead goat for the Automaton Festival of Piety Iron Works 2011. She has toured her one woman punk rock puppet show The Lost Little Girl Show from PDX to NOLA to Short Mountain.  She is activeFront woman for  two different punk-metal-art bands (including Pussy Pussy Thrillz!  who have played 2 shows since 1992) who never play cuz the band members are all in it as a side project.

Butter also invented the sicknessandfilth art database.
its based on my own brain when i close my eyes and try to stare at it.
its my inventions of a way to program a computer in cartoons. its still
under crapstruction.

Show history

League of Art School Drop Outs

and other past projects

Lillian Butter (Bloodgherdt)
grown in a bottle in 1942/ 27 year old art prodigy

the grail
bad idea
kitten ling

brning mn
low maintenance

yamantaka sonic titan
little lambs
emily wretch

lost little girl show
pussy thrills
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Porn and
Pickups *PART 1!*~ Lily Butter @ ComeAsYouAre Sex Toy shop !

Real True actual Drawings and paintings from the files of my
Underground Documentarian Illustrator Journalist years in the trenches
with art squatters and She-male strippers.

great holiday gift
ideas !!!



hi res
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