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Day3 // Vampire Book Tour 2014 //

Day 3 // Demonton and the Mall of Canadia Ackmoyinsk Ukrain Mickie A big part of why i have a book and get to go on free vacation around the entire continent is cuz I have Traumatic brain Injury. Im missing a chunk of skull 8 inches long and 1 inch with from getting an iron pipe smung down  on top my head. I had to relearn how to talk starting in early may 2008. Expressive Aphasia is the name of the condition of being unable to string […]


Day4 // Vampire Book Tour 2014 //

Day 4 // Callgary Loft 112 is a super amazing space, creative writing advocacy group, resource center for writers and self publishers, and the home to a dozen writers projects residencies and they  are working to launch a paper magazine. And they love illustrators and visual artists. and they gave us soooo many drink tickets ♥ We played to the large neat fancy steel concrete wood and glass room with 80 year old typewriters and books stacked everywhere and almost 90 people. Hordes  of smiling queeros  left with […]