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Butter Land Working Artists Mural Team ————————————- Team for UltraChurch Painted Sug-Nov 2013 Lillian Butter ~ Lead Artist, Designer, Researcher, Raconter, project facilitator, some heavy lifting and cement work Miss Michael Fancy Thibert ~ Co Portraitist and Make up artist and actress from the Film OUTRAGEOUS! Orlee Andromeda ~ Backgrounds, Ultra Assistinion Vladamir V ~ Executive Assistant Intern Julie Adhd ~ Black Stuff Heather Mustache ~ Expertise


Ultra Church depicts a Busy Animated Nightclub Crammed to the Ceiling with 50 VIP party people Djs Promoters, Club Owners, Performance Artists, Gogo Dancers, and about 30 queens. PLACE WALK THROUGH HERE———-link List of the 50————————link

ULTRA CHURCH // 50 VIP Party People 1948 ~ 2014

    UltraChurch is the title of Butter Land Studio’s 91 foot long mural created for the Church and Wellesley GayLesbian Village of Toronto. Butter Land is one of the 13 Artist Studios Contracted with the Church Village Business Assoc to doll up church street in preparation for World Pride 2014. ULTRA CHURCH GALLERIES <coming soon> Ultra Church Details 333 hours Painting the wall Original Sketchbook Queens of Toronto 1948-2014 ULTRA CHURCH MURAL BLOG FOLLOW The BUTTER Land Art Studio FEED X   ~ ~ ~  ~   ~  X The Mural […]


SPRING 2011 // The Visionary Post   – Lillian Butter <DEADLINK 2013> Self Absorption causes Side Eyes !!! Lillian Butter “Fetishized Face Surgery” mixed media on paper 11” x 17” in the exhibition “Lost Little Girl’s Art Show: Work by Lillian Butter”, Barrister’s Gallery, New OrleansButter documents the private lives of New Orleans gutterpunks and squatters in her mixed media drawings and paintings.  At once filled with sordid realities and psychedelic reverie, Butter’s work captures the essence of her subjects’ lives on the street and in their temporary shelters. The poignancy […]

Ultra Church

See the secret Club Mural Will Start Getting Painted this June !! If you click this link you can see the mural except without the people in it yet. 16000 pixels wide See The VIP List Photo Album of Toronto Drag History ***

CSMP last 14 !!!

Note pad for picking the last 14 of the 50 QUEERIES // CLGA 013/05/14 Sister Rock-on Miss Goodwill Randy Cole Elle Mae Dana Bryn Gallagher / Divinesque Toni Brown Jacky “Jake” Gabay__Vicki Sue Mother Superior Maritza Yumbla Loonie Lannie Review also with: Margo, Riki Tick and Astra John Webber (DJ) LOCATIONS Studio II Davids   notes accumulated during the manatee and warwic files John Webber (DJ) John Herbert ~~ Playwright(fortune and mens eyes,  prison sex and gender) Mother Superior Maritza Yumbla (might need to investigate at ElConvento) the […]

Lily Butter Land Working Artists League 2013

This Project is being Created by the LILY BUTTER LAND Working Artist League <!!~~~information on LBLWAL here~~~> Meetings With ChurchMurals // WorldPRIDE2014  MARCH2013 Planning Phase / Creating a 50 person detailed illustration APRIL 2013 Preparing and marking out the wall // MAY 2013 Detail painting with a 5 artist team // JUNE JULY AUGUST 2013… Completion Date //BEFORE OCTOBER 2013 ============================================================ Mural created in Co-operation with the Church Street Murals Project With the Support of Church and Wellesley Business Improvement Association In preparations for WORLD PRIDE 2014 Festivities Summer 2014   <~~PLACE IMAGES HERE~~> LILY BUTTER […]


CALL FOR STORIES // WHO ARE THE 50 MOST IMPORTANT LATE NIGHT TBLG PARTY PEOPLE OF TORONTO OF THE PAST 50 YEARS   See The List I have So Far. ADD YOUR COMMENT AND CRITIQUES AND HAVE YOUR SAY ON WHO are the 50 people from the past 50 years who built party festive space and community for Queers Nellies Butches Dykes Trans and Drags. =================================================== This Page Has Comments Activated Comment below to Nominate Your Pick for  50 MOST IMPORTANT LATE NIGHT TBLG PARTY PEOPLE OF TORONTO OF THE […]


Club ULTRACHURCH THE ALL BACKSTAGE PERFORMERS AND PROMOTERS ONLY SECRET CLUB DOWN AN ALLEY OFF CHURCH     Sponsored by World Pride 2014 Planning APRIL 2013 Painting MAY-AUGUST 2013 LilyButterLand~WorkingArtistsLeague lilybutterland.COM/ultrachurch/     I am Deliriously Thrilled to announce That This summer I will be Creating my Own Club on Church Street. When I say “on” church Street I mean that approximately because my Club will actually by hidden in an alley just off of Church Street. Also my Club has no front door, no lounge no bar and […]

Church Street Murals Project

Church Street Murals Project Back Stage at UltraChurch Lily Butter Land My mural Proposal is to create a very busy ambitious busy and captivating portrait of over 5 dozen character likenesses of well known Church Street nightlife denizens of the Past 50 years. The people, culture and community I’m depicting are the Queens Queers Oddballs Club Kids and Party Monsters who have always been the Bell Weather Trend Setters and most colorful stand out creatures yet often the most maligned and misunderstood haunts of the fringes of the Village scene.The […]

Brash Brushstrokes // Review of GAWD MESS AMERIKA 013.03.17

Brash Brushstrokes ON DISPLAY / Saurin Galloway and Sybil Lamb are compelling and cocky, just like their artwork Serafin LaRiviere / Toronto / Friday, March 15, 2013 More Sharing ServicesShare|Share on emailShare on facebookShare on redditShare on twitterShare on stumbleuponShare on digg Ah, St Patrick’s Day. When else can a homo get away with an emerald shirt worn with blue jeans, drink verdant beer without getting food poisoning, and be shut out of New York’s second largest parade of the year (fuck you, Ancient Order of Hibernians). Okay, […]